Receiving results via a webhook

You can create a dedicated API endpoint on your side, which we will trigger after calculating biological age accelerations. Let us know if you would like to use this way of receiving results, and email the endpoint address to

  "user_id": "85b4453a-46de-484c-bbc2-12666ebc7ed9",
  "device_name": "iPhone",
  "model_type": "steps",
  "bioage": [
    {"date": "2023-11-06", "value": null},
    {"date": "2023-11-07", "value": 2.68},
    {"date": "2023-11-08", "value": 2.87},
    {"date": "2023-11-09", "value": 2.42},
    {"date": "2023-11-10", "value": 3.21},

The null value inside bioage array is reserved for cases, when it was not enough data to calculate biological age acceleration for this day.

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